On The Road

On the road? This page will list the repeaters you should use, in order from South to North on major highways. Please use a 3db gain (or better) outside antenna and a respectable mobile radio. Please remember, Chinese radios have very poor receivers and do not work as well. Or, as they say, “your experience may very”

25 Watt mobile with 3db roof top antenna!

INTERSTATE 5 (from South to North)
146.67 Mount Bradley (Corning, Ca to Weed, Ca) Corning California is about the start of coverage
147.12 Mahogany Point (Weed, Ca to Hilt Ca)
147.16 Soda Mt. (Hilt, Ca to Talent, Or)
146.94 King Mt. (Talent, Or to Tri City, Or)
146.92 Kenyon Mt (Tri City, Or to Roseburg)
146.70 Scott Mt. (Roseburg to Rice Hill)
145.13 Prairie Mt. (Rice Hill to Albany)
145.49 Prospect Hill (Albany to Canby)
146.98 KGW Tower (Canby, Or to Battle Ground, Wa)…… Battle Ground Washington is about the end of northern coverage

Highway 97