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PRA busy at times – PLEASE READ!

Over the past year or so, the PRA user base has grown quite aggressively. We have so many users that we must figure out how to reduce unwanted air time and unnecessary repeater jargon. In addition to this, we are going to start assisting operators with the 15 min rag chew policy. For more information, please read our “TIPS” document on the home page.

Please don’t use “repeater jargon”, below are examples:

* Use phonetics every time you ID. It’s Only needed for clarification to another operator when asked.
* “For ID”. Remember, the only purpose to say your call sign, is to ID your station – so its redundant!
* “Clear on your final” “73” “88” and so on. Though its “ham nice” it sure gets old after hearing it 30-50 times a day.
* “Radio Check” “Signal checks” “Signal reports” are so common on the system that its annoying to others and we sound like CB.
* Stations that OVER ID them self. Remember, its 10 mins. not 3-5 (this will help allot!)

* We also have a small handful of operators that use the system to much (many hours a day, every day) and I’ve been asked to help with this sensitive subject. Please consider that though PRA can be a fun and busy system, listening to a song on the radio in repeat mode will get old and you will eventually turn it off. Have fun and use in moderation, this will also help with our busy air time.

**Please remember, unless its the 6am, 7am or 5pm drive time commute or a scheduled net, please limit your rag chews to 15 mins. This helps make the system available to others and save battery power on two PRA solar sites that we operate. Operators that need additional clarification for their operating situation may receive an E-mail or written letter to help assist you in understanding how our network functions. Operators can also ask questions at anytime by sending an email to

Our repeater network is very unique and we appreciate your willingness to grow with our large group and we welcome any suggestions you might have on how we can operate better!

Thank you,
Chris, AB7BS
PRA Trustee and System Engineer.