Allstar info page: Node 47178

Allstar is voice over IP just like Echolink, IRLP etc. The major difference is it uses open source Linux/asterisk software that can be built by anyone & can be public or private. The audio codec is current and sample rate (audio quality) is far greater then other ham voip modes. Users have the freedom to set up their own nodes & reflectors\Hub in just about any configuration you want. NO VPN or Port Forwarding to make outgoing calls. This completely changes how easy it is to use your cellphone & public Wifi hot spots. This is why we have chosen Allstar.

The purpose of Allstar connected to PRA is to allow our operators to call into our system from anywhere! Not for PRA to make DX calls. This is why our Reflector capable of 50 simultaneous connections is setup for incoming calls only and is closed. What does “closed” mean? This means all incoming calls are rejected unless your on the allowed list. The reason for this is so we don’t have operators from all over the world connecting to our system. Instead, we wish to have this access for our regular users to call in to the system. Mobile, vacation, base station, even a over the road truck driver! How you say? This is where it gets interesting!

Users that live in areas of poor coverage can set up a permanent connection to our allstar reflector! say you moved out of state or live in an area that has poor repeater coverage. This is for you. Say you like to use a handheld at your home, but, coverage is spotty (ME!) you can setup allstar and be rock solid all the time.

**PRA Allstar reflector node 47178

Request access to the PRA Allstar reflector by simply sending an email to Chris, AB7BS. Make sure to include your phone number so I can reach you to help get your access setup. chris (at)

More information on equipment: (Building radio-less nodes and simplex/uplink nodes) Built by AB7BS and proceeds goes towards PRA system (To build your own Raspberry Pi3 node, this site has TONS of info, a very nice script to use and lots of help) Where I learned! (USB-radio interface for the Raspberry Pi3….The best way to hook your radio to your Pi3)

Again if you have questions you can email chris (at)

73, AB7BS