Welcome to the Peak Radio Association, located in Corvallis Oregon. We operate the largest communication radio network in Western & Central Oregon. Covering all of Interstate 5 and most of highway 101 & 97. Also providing greater I-5 coverage in Northern California from Corning North. Please take a moment and read our *Tips* page to learn how we operate. Welcome to the system!

Please join our Facebook group “W7PRA Repeaters” Please have your call sign in your nickname and click display on profile (Required to be granted access). This is our quickest and most reliable source to update you with system changes, outages, photos and more. The “repeaters” facebook page is our primary source to inform you and for you to tell us of any outages, Join today

Allstar reflector node 47178 & Echolink AB7BS-L Please visit our INFO PAGE for more information and access.

146.820 – T100.0 West Point Marys Peak   (standalone) Corvallis

Club meetings 3rd Monday of the month @ 7pm (6pm dinner) downstairs at Tommy’s: Tommy’s 4th St. Bar and Grill in Corvallis, Oregon.

Peak Radio Association wishes to thank the following owners for the use of their repeaters & services:

  • Chris Novara – AB7BS (Founder)
    System Administrator, Owner, Engineer
  • Johnny Jones – WA6RHK Control Op

  • William Thornton – K7THO
    Tower Climber & Web Admin, Control Op
  • Jeremy Mathis – NS7R Control Op
    Web, Tower Climber, Tech
  • Carl Di Paolo – W7EXH Control Op
  • Dennis Hunt – W7CQZ Control Op