Welcome to the Peak Radio Association, located in Corvallis Oregon. We operate the largest emergency communication radio network in Western & Central Oregon. Covering all of Interstate 5 and most of highway 101 & 97. Please take a moment and read our Tips page to learn how we operate. Welcome to the system!

Echolink Node #521741, Call sign search “W7PRA-L” 
IRLP Node #7467, Call sign search “W7PRA
Bandwidth and hosting location donated by Buddys Diner, Eugene Ore.

146.820 – T100.0 West Point Marys Peak   (standalone) Corvallis

Club meetings 3rd Monday of the month @ 7pm (6pm dinner) downstairs at Tommy’s: Tommy’s 4th St. Bar and Grill in Corvallis, Oregon.

Peak Radio Association wishes to thank the following owners for the use of their repeaters & services:

  • Chris Novara – AB7BS
    Trustee, Engineer
  • Chris Underwood – K7UND,
    Tower Climber & Tech
  • Johnny Jones – WA6RHK

  • William Thornton – K7THO
    Tower Climber & Web Admin
  • Carl Di Paolo – W7EXH
  • Dennis Hunt – W7CQZ